Hello everyone. As you can see, I don’t post here anymore. I have moved to another blog which is hereI’ll be using this account to follow blogs instead but I’m usually on the other said blog ^^ Thank you for taking time for reading this~

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So tell me you love me.

新刊イメージイラスト | アコリコ [pixiv] 
EXO comeback… Is this the sign?

(I think this is a screen cap from SHINee’s ‘Dream Girl’? Got this from a friend of mine on Twitter by the user ID: chezkhyun : ) Thanks for sharing!)

[130218] Entry: EXO; EXO-M

[Fanaccount] 130217: Meeting Kris in Vancouver

According to the previous fanaccount and preview photos, we now know that Kris headed to Vancouver via Air Canada so here’s a second detailed fanaccount written by a chinese fan who met him at the airport today c:

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[130218] Entry: EXO; EXO-M

KRIS at Vancouver Airport

Kris was really really nice and I got to talk to him. And the fans behaved really well today, much better
than how it was in China I have to say. I think Kris understand that we love him and respect his privacy.

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